Patch A Cracked Water Line Inside Of The Factory That You Own

22 June 2017
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If a water line cracked inside of the factory that you own and it may take a couple days for a plumber to come out and repair or replace the damaged section, the following steps can be performed to patch the damaged line so that water can be utilized until you receive professional help.  Supplies long-handled squeegee  towels electric heaters emery cloth plumbing putty roll of teflon tape misting bottle water sharp scissors utilty knife putty knife or metal file Dry Flooring And Plumbing And Apply Putty Read More 

Benefits Of Calling An All-In-One Contractor When You Need More Than One Type Of Service

14 June 2017
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Usually, when you need repairs to your plumbing and you need an air conditioning repair service, you call two different companies and two different contractors. You call the plumber for the plumbing and a separate air conditioning repair service. However, there are some people who are able to do both of these services, and then some. A multi-skilled, multi-purpose repair technician can provide you with all of the following benefits. Read More 

How Improper Trap Vent Installation Can Be A Plumbing Disaster

5 June 2017
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The plumbing underneath a sink is somewhat complex in its look but is rather easy to understand. Unfortunately, many homes have an improper trap vent installed. This is a problem that, while not dangerous, can be a major inconvenience.  The Nature Of The Trap Vent The trap vent underneath a sink is a crucial part of a home's plumbing system. It exists to trap a little bit of air and to keep water and gases from escaping the sewer. Read More 

3 Ways To Improve Your Heating System This Summer

5 June 2017
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If you felt like you spent too much on heating this past winter, summer is a great time to make improvements to your system that will allow you to reduce your energy costs come winter this year. Here are a few money-saving suggestions to get you going. #1 Insulate Your Hot Water Heater & Pipes Many people overlook how much the cold weather can increase their water heater bill. If your water heater and pipes are not insulated, it is going to take a lot more energy on the part of your water heater to heat your water up so that it is warm enough when it gets to you. Read More 

Breakfast Food Lovers: 4 Types of Morning Meals That Can Cause Drain Issues

30 May 2017
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Breakfast foods are a different category of meals for people. Even though they are usually served in the morning, people will consume great meals like omelettes and French toast all throughout the day. If you and the other people in your home love to cook and make breakfast on a daily basis, then it's also important to pay attention to the drains in your home. For homes that make a lot of breakfast, you can run into drainage problems a lot sooner than you think. Read More