Why You Need a Whole Home Water Softening System

21 April 2017
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Do use well water for your home, or have a city water source that provides hard water? If so, you could benefit from having a whole-home water softening system. This investment will provide you with higher quality water in every room of your home. Here are a few reasons to consider this upgrade.

You'll Have Healthy Skin

One reason that homeowners make the upgrade to a water softening system is to improve the health of their skin. Bathing with hard water can cause problems, such as skin that is dry or odd rashes. It will require you to use lotions after bathing to give your skin more moisture, or else it will continue to feel hard afterward.

Soft water can make your skin feel healthy and smooth, because the water is not over-saturated with other minerals, which make it difficult to wash away the soap that is on your skin.

Your Pipes and Appliances Will Be Protected

Calcium deposits can build up in your pipes because of hard water. After years of exposure to hard water, calcium can become thick, creating obstructions in the pipes to the point that water has difficulty passing through. These calcium deposits are very difficult to fix, and sometimes require you to replace entire sections of plumbing where the build up was the worst. This is typically in horizontal pipes where the water stays stagnant when not in use, rather than vertical pipes.

The same logic applies to any appliance that uses water. The dishwasher, ice maker, and washing machine can be damaged in a similar way, which will shorten the appliance's lifespan. You'll find yourself needing to replace it prematurely because it is not functioning like it used to.

You'll Have Cleaner Dishes

Another problem with hard water is how it can leave a film behind on dishes after they are washed. This is once again due to the calcium, and it can cause your dishes to never look completely clean. While it is most noticeable on glass, it can also happen on ceramic dishes as well. Having soft water to clean dishes will prevent leaving new minerals on the dishes you are trying to clean.

While you may be able to get by with a water filtration pitcher or a filter for a specific sink, you will be missing out on the benefits that come with having filtered water running throughout your entire home. Have a local plumbing company like Walt's Plumbing help.