Breakfast Food Lovers: 4 Types of Morning Meals That Can Cause Drain Issues

30 May 2017
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Breakfast foods are a different category of meals for people. Even though they are usually served in the morning, people will consume great meals like omelettes and French toast all throughout the day. If you and the other people in your home love to cook and make breakfast on a daily basis, then it's also important to pay attention to the drains in your home. For homes that make a lot of breakfast, you can run into drainage problems a lot sooner than you think. There are four key breakfast foods that can clog up your drains. Once these problems do occur, it's best to get help from a professional plumber for proper cleaning.

Breakfast Meats

When serving up breakfast, meats like sausage and bacon go with a lot of meals. These meats taste great, but they also contain a lot of fat content. When pots and pans have liquid fat in them after you're done cooking, this fat can easily go down the drain and dry up. Once dry, the fats can stick to the sides of pipes and slowly block up specific areas. The greasy fats are hard to remove and can cause other debris to cling it. If this problem does occur, a plumber can use drain jets to get rid of the grease. When preparing future meals, it's a good idea to let the fat content dry out fully and then properly dispose of it or use it in some sort of compost bin. You can also look for leaner breakfast meats like turkey bacon or turkey sausage. They have less fat content and will help you worry less about your drains.


Eggs are the staple of many breakfast meals. They can be prepared in all different ways and go great with all types of side dishes. When making eggs, there is one thing that you do not want to get near your drain and that is the egg shell. Even if you have a trash compactor, egg shells should not go in it. Once the shells break down, they will form into small particles that can easily create clogs and mix with other things like grease. When preparing eggs, it's good to crack the shells and return the shells back to the original carton. Once the whole carton is used, you can dispose of it all at once and completely avoid the drain. If a problem does occur, a plumber would have to possibly repair the blades on your trash compactor along with clearing out the drain.

Pancake & Waffle Batter

You would never want to drop a load of paste down your drain and that is essentially what happens when pancake or waffle batter gets poured down. As the batter dries out, it becomes like paste and will eventually dry to the sides of your pipes. When paired with syrup, this can create drainage problems quicker than you can imagine. Once the batter has been used, you should let it dry out in the bowl completely. From there, you can scrape out the hard parts into a garbage or compost bin.

Breakfast Milks & Drinks

Milk is a popular breakfast drink and pairs well with everything from toast to chocolate chip pancakes. While it may seem like milk can be poured down the drain, the fatty content from it can easily separate and cause problems. Along with regular milk, it's important to look at the fat content of specialty milk like coconut milk or almond milk. When these liquids are poured down the drain, they should be diluted with a lot of running tap water to get them completely through the pipes and out of the house.

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