Benefits Of Calling An All-In-One Contractor When You Need More Than One Type Of Service

14 June 2017
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Usually, when you need repairs to your plumbing and you need an air conditioning repair service, you call two different companies and two different contractors. You call the plumber for the plumbing and a separate air conditioning repair service. However, there are some people who are able to do both of these services, and then some. A multi-skilled, multi-purpose repair technician can provide you with all of the following benefits.

Full Service With One Hourly Labor Charge

The repairs you need completed on the plumbing and the air conditioning are charged for by the hour. When you have two people doing those two jobs, you are charged double the labor for the hour or two it takes these two professionals to do the job. Instead, hiring someone to repair both means you only pay the one technician for the hour or two it takes him/her to complete all of the work.

Convenient Scheduling

Since you only have to contend with scheduling a single technician/plumber to do all of the repairs, you can schedule the repair appointment for a more convenient time. You do not have to schedule one repair on this day and the other repair on another day. That means you never have to take off from work for more than a half of a day, or you can schedule it after work.

Separate Itemized Repair Sheets, One Bill

Better still, you can get an itemized repair sheet for each repair you have requested, but with just one bill, you only write one check or use one debit/credit card to pay. There is no guessing what this or that second charge is for because it is all billed under one company name. If there is ever a question about the repairs, or a post-repair issue, you can get the same technician/plumber to return and figure out what is wrong based on what the bill sheets say was completed.

A Contractor Who Does Not Have to Guess What to Do

An all-in-one contractor who completes repairs on more than one household system for you never has to guess what is wrong. Because he or she already has experience with repairing your systems, he or she can start with the most recent repair and work from there to find the most recent problem. There is no guesswork because he/she knows your systems well already. An all-in-one contractor may also be more adept at identifying unusual problems than a more specialized worker.