Patch A Cracked Water Line Inside Of The Factory That You Own

22 June 2017
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If a water line cracked inside of the factory that you own and it may take a couple days for a plumber to come out and repair or replace the damaged section, the following steps can be performed to patch the damaged line so that water can be utilized until you receive professional help. 


  • long-handled squeegee 
  • towels
  • electric heaters
  • emery cloth
  • plumbing putty
  • roll of teflon tape
  • misting bottle
  • water
  • sharp scissors
  • utilty knife
  • putty knife or metal file

Dry Flooring And Plumbing And Apply Putty

Turn off the main water valve If water pooled onto a cement or laminate floor inside of your business, open a door and use a long-handled squeegee to push most of the water outdoors. Afterward, use absorbent towels to soak up water that remains. Use a clean towel to wipe off the portion of the plumbing line that is damaged. Use electric heaters to dry damp surfaces.

If the water line is made out of metal, move an emery cloth firmly back and forth over the damaged section of the pipe to slightly roughen it. A rough surface will help plumbing putty adhere properly. Flatten a thin layer of putty over the crack. Use the tips of your fingers to press the putty against the water line. Putty will harden within several hours. 

Secure Teflon Tape Over The Putty

Teflon tape is a material that plumbers use to repair damaged plumbing sections. It is flexible and waterproof and won't shift or shrink after it is applied. Unwind tape around the section of the water line that is coverd with putty. Add a few, even layers of tape to provide the water line with plenty of protection. If you purchased a roll of tape that needs to be moistened before being adhered, fill a spray misting bottle with water and apply water to the roll of tape before unwinding it around the water line.

Use a pair of sharp scissors or a utility knife to trim the end of the tape. Use your fingertips or one side of a putty knife or metal file to press the end of the tape firmly against the water line. Turn on the water valve and visually inspect the repaired portion of the water line. If water is no longer dripping from the line, use the water supply as needed. Several times throughout the day, check the repaired section of the water line to ensure that water isn't leaking from the cracked section. 

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