3 Tips For Choosing A Porta Potty Rental Service

13 July 2017
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Whether you're having an outdoor event, such as a festival, family reunion, or graduation party, or you're planning a construction project, restroom options are a must. Renting porta potties is an excellent option for managing the washroom needs of a group of people. It offers convenience and practicality. The vendor drops them off at the specified time and picks them up when you're done. In addition, porta potty contracts are typically flexible, allowing you to rent by the day, week, or month. Rates vary depending on the size and features of the porta potty you choose. If this is your first time shopping for porta potty rental, here are three tips.

Review Available Selection

Look for a local company that has a range of options. This way you're sure to find a porta potty solution that best meet your needs. Porta potties have come a long way in the last decade. While the standard porta potties are still the most common, there are other options that may better serve your event attendees. For example, executive porta potties come with flushing toilets, sinks with hot and cold water running water, as well as mirrors and lighting. If you're hosting an outdoor corporate fundraiser, for instance, an executive porta potty may better fit your event. When contacting porta potty companies, ask about their porta potty options and request information on features.

Check Reviews

Keep in mind that reviews may be slightly skewed since, in general, people are more compelled to write a review when they are dissatisfied with service. Still, it's a good idea to glance over reviews from real consumers who have used the porta potty company that you're interested in. A reliable company that provides excellent service should garner mostly positive reviews. It's a red flag if you find an overwhelming amount of negative reviews, especially if you notice a trend where customers are complaining about similar issues, such as being late setting things up. 

Ask About Additional Services

You may want to find a porta potty company that provides additional services, such as restocking toilet paper, cleaning the porta potties at regular intervals, and cleaning up after the event. Many porta potty rental companies provide a range of services along with renting the portable toilets. Your budget will play a role in the additional services you're able to get, so request a quote on additional services. That way you're able to better calculate cost and and manage your budget.

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