Beyond Hard Water Stains: Often Unconsidered Reasons To Install A Water Softener

9 August 2017
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If you have problems with hard water, there is no question that the scale and build up can be a nuisance on your shower doors, appliances, and sinks. In fact, this is the primary reason why homeowners install a water softening system in their home to start with. However, hard water causes far more problems than most homeowners realize. If you are certain you have hard water and are tired of dealing with the scaly deposits that are left behind on your fixtures and appliances, you may already be considering a unit for your home. You will also benefit from knowing a few other reasons a water softener can be a good investment:

Did you know hard water can change the taste of your food?

Water is a huge ingredient in your food preparation efforts. Yet, most homeowners never give a second thought to adding regular tap water to the foods they are cooking and how it could affect the flavor or the outcome. The excess minerals in hard water can actually completely change the overall flavor of your food, but this is not something most homeowners ever think about at all. Most commercial kitchens know this all too well, and it is one of the reasons they install a water softener to begin with. 

Did you know that hard water can actually truly be hard on your skin?

You probably already feel the effects of hard water on your skin when you take a shower. You may step out of a shower or bath and feel the "hard" residue that seems so hard to get off. However, hard water can actually be a problem for your skin for a lot of reasons. It can:

  • cause you problems with acne 
  • exacerbate existing issues with eczema and psoriasis 
  • cause redness and irritation 

Did you know hard water can be hard on your pets?

If you are like most pet owners, you will fill their water bowl with fresh tap water and think nothing of it. However, if your water has an overabundance of minerals, it can actually be an unhealthy type of water to give your pet. There are actually studies to suggest urinary health problems could be caused by hard water intake. Both dogs and cats were proven to have more urinary problems if they were consistently given water that had a high level of mineral deposits, but cats seem to be especially prone to a problem.

Contact a company that offers used reconditioned water softeners for more information and assistance.