3 Renovation Solutions To Improve Plumbing With Modern And Efficient Design

16 May 2018
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The plumbing in your home is an area where you will want to consider improvements that help save water and energy when you do renovations. Today, there are many options to make plumbing more efficient, such as installing modern water heaters, manifolds for pipes or recycling grey water for irrigation. Here are some of the plumbing improvements that will make your home more efficient when you do renovations:

1. Renewable Resources and Your Home's Hot Water Needs

The hot water heater is one of the areas of your home's plumbing where a lot of energy is used. To make your home more efficient, consider different solutions with renewable energy designs. This can include geothermal systems that provide energy for HVAC, as well as your water heater. It can also include solutions like solar hot water heaters and collectors for your home's needs. Another solution is tankless water heaters that heat the water when you need it. A water heater replacement is a major improvement to consider.

2. Improve Plumbing Design with Plastic Pipes and A Manifold

The old plumbing design in your home probably has separate copper or PVC lines that distribute the hot water and cold water to fixtures. These materials are expensive and have an inefficient design. Today, there are plastic water lines that are a more efficient and inexpensive solution. Since the plastic pipes can easily be bent and maneuvered, they require fewer fittings for installation and cost less than more conventional pipes. In addition, these plumbing systems give you the option of plumbing manifolds that distribute water to different areas of plumbing installations more efficiently. Plumbing manifolds also make repairs and maintenance of your plumbing much easier.

3. Collect Rain and Recycle Grey Water for All Your Outdoor Needs

Rain collection and grey water recycling systems are also improvements that will help make your home more efficient. The grey water that comes from drains and appliances can be used to directly irrigate landscaping and gardens, while the rain water collected from roof runoff is a great resource for outdoor chores. Adding these water resources to your home will help eliminate water waste from outdoor chores and irrigation. Have these systems professionally installed by a plumbing service to get the most from rain collection and grey water recycling.

These are some of the plumbing improvements that will make your home more efficient when you do renovations. If you need help with repairs and improvements for your renovations, contact a plumbing contractor and talk with them about some of these energy-efficient solutions for your pipes.