4 Questions To Ask A Plumber About Adding A Bathroom To Your Home

26 June 2018
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Thinking about adding an extra bathroom to your home? Perhaps you're wanting to increase your home's potential resale value, or maybe you're wanting an extra bathroom for practical purposes. Either way, adding a bathroom (full or half) can be a major undertaking and one that you will not want to attempt without help from an experienced and professional plumber.

As you're interviewing residential plumbers for the job and obtaining estimates from them, there are a few important questions you'll want to ask to help guide your decision.

How Much Retrofitting Will Be Needed?

Start by finding out how much retrofitting and new plumbing installation will be needed to carry out your project as planned. If you have a space in your home that's already plumbed for a bathroom, you will have a lot less to worry about in terms of retrofitting than if you need to install all new plumbing lines from scratch.

Is There a Less Expensive Way to Do This?

If you don't have a space that's already plumbed for a bathroom, you might consider asking your plumber for his or her opinion on the most cost-effective way to add a bathroom to your home. Based on the location of existing plumbing, he or she may be able to make some recommendations that could save you thousands.

Can My Existing Water Heater Handle the Load?

Adding a bathroom to your home--especially one with a bath tub and/or shower--will also add to your home's potential water needs. Therefore, you may want to check with your plumber to make sure your existing water heater has a large enough capacity to accommodate another bathroom space. If not, then it may be time to upgrade to a larger tank or a tankless water heater.

How Long Will the Project Take to Complete?

Last but not least, make sure you find out how long your plumber estimates your project will take to complete. Get this in writing before you sign a contract so that you can be sure your plumber has a legal obligation to complete your bathroom addition in a timely manner.

Overall, adding another bathroom to your home can be a great investment--and of course, that extra bathroom could make mornings easier around your household. Still, it's important to ask these and other key questions when searching for a plumber so you can ultimately find the right professional for the job. To learn more, visit with the team at a company like BUCKEYE PLUMBING INC.