Don't Let Fido And Fluffy Wreck Your Plumbing System

1 May 2019
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When you have pets in your home, you know how they can get into trouble and keep you on your toes. However, there are some behaviors you need to stay on top of for the good of your home. Also, there are some behaviors of your own that you need to stay on top of for your home's integrity. This article will discuss the pet and human behaviors that need to be prevented in order to keep your home's plumbing in good shape.

Don't leave the toilet seat lids up

When you have dogs and/or cats in your home, it's just not a good idea to leave the lid up on the toilet seats. When the lids are up, your dog can drink from the toilet, which can cause them to get sick from bacteria in the toilet bowl or from residual chemicals left over from cleaning.

Also, even cats can cause toilet issues. Cats can get into things and are known for tossing their toys all over. If your cat likes the bathroom because of the cool tile floor, they may end up tossing or dropping a small toy in the toilet that's the right size to cause major plumbing issues.

Purchase a drain screen for bathing dogs

If you like to bathe your dog in the bathroom because it's too cold outside or because you prefer the hand-held showerhead, you want to buy a drain screen. The screen fits down in the drain and allows the water to drain while trapping fur.

Once the bath is over, you can remove the screen and dump it in the trash. Another way the screen can help you is ensuring that your dog can't end up getting part of their paw stuck in the drain hole.

Train your cats to stay out of the sinks

Believe it or not, cats sitting in sinks is a common occurrence in many homes with cats. The cats like to curl up in the dry sink that is usually the perfect size and shape for them to curl in a comfortable position and take a nice nap. The problem with this is that they also like to clean themselves while they are content in the sink, which can cause a lot of cat fur to go in the drain and clog it. If you don't want to chase your spoiled cat out of the sink, then you should purchase a drain screen for the sink that stays in there at all times when the cat has access to the sink.

Keep dogs away from PVC pipes

Dogs can be attracted to PVC pipes because they want to chew on them and can smell the water going through them. If you allow your dog to have access to areas where you have PVC plumbing pipes, then there is the chance that you will come home one day to find that your home has sprung a leak and your dog is looking at you with a guilty face.


If your pets do end up causing any types of problems with your plumbing, then it's best to have problems repaired right away, so they don't cause even more. Call a plumber offering plumbing services in Concord, CA, as soon as you spot an issue.