Fixing Water Hammer In Your Home

26 June 2019
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Water hammer is a term used in the plumbing business to refer to a specific, loud sound people hear from their plumbing systems after turning off faucets in their homes. This sound is something a homeowner might get used to after a while, yet it is something that should not be ignored. If you hear a very specific sound that is like a thud coming from your plumbing system, you might have water hammer.

Why This Sound Occurs

While water hammer is hard to describe, you know it is a brief, sudden, relatively loud sound that occurs at certain times. It can happen when you quickly shut off a faucet. It can happen during different stages of your dishwasher cycle. It can also happen at different phases of a washing machine cycle.

In any case, this sound occurs basically from pressure. The pressure of your water rushing through pipes makes the water hammer sound when the water suddenly stops being demanded. The water hits a valve, and this creates impact. This impact causes the brief sound of water hammer, and the sound can be disturbing if you are not sure what is causing it.

The Problems with Water Hammer

When you have this problem in your home, it can eventually cause damage to your plumbing system. The impact of the water hitting the valve is not only making the sound of water hammer, but it can also lead to the damage of the pipes within your system. It can cause fittings to come loose or create holes in pipes that are not in good condition. Because of this, you should not ignore this issue.

The Solution for Water Hammer

The main way plumbers solve the problem of water hammer is by installing air chambers by water valves. When there is an air chamber by a water valve, the pressure of the impact will release into the air valve instead of having nowhere to go, and this will generally solve this problem. Additionally, a plumber will test the pressure of your water because pressure that is too high could also contribute to water hammer.

If you hear water hammer in your home, talk to a plumber about it because this is not a problem you should live with or ignore. A plumber can find out the cause of the problem you are having and offer solutions to fix the problem.

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