Constructing A New Home? Two Plumbing Features To Have

20 January 2020
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Building your own home gives you a lot of control over what features go into your home. You will no longer be stuck with some of the big decisions someone else made before you bought the home. This extends to the type of heating system that you use and the pipes that run through the walls. Here is what you should know about having radiant in-floor heating and PEX pipes installed. 

PEX Plumbing

Many people think of using traditional copper plumbing when running water pipes through their home. However, PEX can be a much better option to install if you are building a home. One of the major benefits of using PEX in new construction is that it will be much easier to install. 

Copper plumbing requires short runs of pipe, with connections needed to make the pipe go a different direction. This can lead to countless hours and added costs related to running a pipe. When you use PEX, the flexible tube can be run directly to its destination without having to create joints in the pipe. The amount of joints that need to be made will be minimal overall, which helps reduce the labor cost involved with installing plumbing. 

PEX plumbing also has the benefit of not freezing. You won't have to worry about an unexpected pipe burst because your water pipes got too cold in the winter. 

Radiant In-Floor Heat

Those flexible PEX water pipes can also be used to install a radiant in-floor heating system. Pipes will be placed along the floor in a grid, with each room having its own zone. Water flows from the boiler and goes to each zone, where the heat radiates upward from the floor. This creates a warm spot near the bottom of the room where your body is located. 

Many people feel that radiant in-floor heat is much more comfortable than its forced air counterpart, which is why it is a preferred heating method when you have the option during new home construction. It is very difficult to retrofit a home with radiant in-floor heat in the future due to the system of pipes that are needed to perform the installation.

Think you want to move forward with either of these two home features? Reach out to a plumber like Legacy Plumbing Inc for assistance with selecting the materials and installing them for you. You'll definitely not regret your decision once you move into the home and enjoy the benefits.