A Guide To Keep Your Household's Plumbing Working Well

10 February 2021
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You may not understand how important it is to pay attention to the drains in your home until you are facing problems. Then, it will hit you how much you count on them without realizing it, but by that time you will already be caught in the middle of issues that can be quite big. Here is some information on drain maintenance and drain cleaning

Drain maintenance begins with the household

Everyone in your home should be on the same page when it comes to the plumbing, and this includes the drains. If you have a family that includes children, then you want to make sure you break things down for them in a way that they will understand. So, you may want to get some poster board and colored markers to draw diagrams for them. 

Explain to everyone how solids can get stuck in the drain and block the water from going down, which is a clog. Also, explain to everyone how things like oil, even warm oil in a liquid form, can harden as it travels down the drain and pipes, and explain how it then sticks to the sides causing clogs. 

Make sure there is always an easy to reach wastebasket in the kitchen, so it's always easy for everyone to clear off their plates, even the smaller children. Most times, when something is very easy to do, people will choose the best option. It's when they don't see a wastebasket easily available that some will take the easy way out and try to get away with putting things they shouldn't down the drain. 

Professional drain cleaning should always be done

Even if you get everyone in the family to treat your drains properly, there will still be a need for professional drain cleaning. No matter how careful you are, there will end up being buildup in the drains. In fact, even soap and minerals in hard water can contribute to drain buildup, so you see how you will end up with issues at some point without professional drain cleaning. 

You should have the drains in your home cleaned by a plumber on an annual basis. However, if you see they are draining slowly in between your annual cleanings or you start to deal with clogs, then you might want to have someone come out to clean them again as well to keep things working smoothly and to preserve the integrity of your home's plumbing.