How Do You Replace a Burnt-Out Heating Element in an Electric Water Heater?

16 November 2020
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When your electrical water heater stops providing your home with hot water, it may be due to one of the heating elements burning out. Heating elements sometimes become covered in limescale, which insulates them and causes them to overheat. Overheating damages the heating element, and will eventually cause it to stop working. In order to fix the problem, you'll need to repair or replace the broken heating element. To find out how to do it, read on. Read More 

Why Would You Need An Emergency Plumber?

16 October 2020
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Very few people enjoy calling a plumber to come fix something in their home, but if a pipe bursts inside your house or your front yard turns into a swimming pool, you'll be happy you have an emergency plumber on speed dial. These crews work around the clock and never take a vacation, providing you with 24/7 emergency assistance any time you have a major plumbing problem occur in your home. Read More 

What To Expect From Plumbing Repiping

21 September 2020
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Older plumbing systems that spring constant leaks or contain toxins, like lead, will necessitate a full repiping of all the plumbing in your home. Although it will save you money and possibly protect your health, in the long run, to have this service completed, it can also be stressful. Knowing what to expect can help alleviate many of your concerns. Pipe Selection There are several options when it comes to choosing the materials for the new piping in your home. Read More 

Have A Septic System? What To Know About Pumping

17 August 2020
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If you are in an area where a septic system is a necessity, you are not unusual. Around one out of five homes in the US use a septic system to deal with their household wastewater. Using a septic system is not that much different than using a system that is connected to municipal wastewater systems. However, septic tanks do require maintenance in the form of pumping. Here's what you should know about septic tank pumping if you have a septic system. Read More 

3 Ways an Air Conditioner Can Cause Water Damage to Your Home

24 July 2020
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When an air conditioner has problems, it can stop cooling your house until it's fixed. However, air conditioning systems can also cause water damage to your home in certain circumstances. If certain parts are malfunctioning, if your drain system is blocked or broken, or if there is too much moisture in your ducts, this moisture can damage your home and bring health risks along with it. Here's what to look out for. Read More